define your brand


Your brand is more than a clever logo and tag line. It can truly set you apart and speak directly to your audience’s identity and lifestyle. This input is very important to our process as it helps provide us with the background of your company, your brand, and your goals.

Name *
What is your mission statement? Who you are, what you do, how you do it?
What is the specific goal or objective the campaign or program is trying to accomplish?
Who is the target audience(s) and why? What are some specific, measurable targets you wish to reach?
What do you want consumers to do?
What makes your organization different? What type of value do you offer your target audience?
What is the major preconceived notion or stereotype about your industry? What could keep the target from trusting your organization?
Who do you aspire to compete with or be compared to?( Please provide their URLs, if possible.)